OUR IMPACT: We have so far trained and build capacity of 1,000 local farmers (50% women, 30% youth and 20% men) in agribusiness, water harvesting, modern farming skills and value addition for reduced post-harvest loses. Through collaboration with The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS), we have sensitized farmers on what is required for the export market through a number of projects in excavation of pests and diseases that burr farmers from exporting their produce and how to overcome them. Moreover, iFarmkonnect has been training Select Fresh Produce of Kenya’ contracted farmers in Kajiado and Machakos Counties in Grains, Passion fruits and French beans production management and meeting the required export standards with the help of KEPHIS. We have 300 acres of arable land in different parts of Kenya ready for investment. Through collaboration with The Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service, KEPHIS we have worked on pest and disease surveillance with the aim of coming up with pest and disease-free areas in Makueni, Kilifi, Kwale and Mombasa Counties. They key components include nursery inspections, setting of traps and crop-field inspections

What We Do

Empowering Farmers

ifarmkonnect gives our users and investors an opportunity not only to grow their money but also keep our farmers on job, increasing their income and impacting their livelihoods. Together, we give importance to farming

Promising returns on investment

After harvest and sale of the produce, the investor can get between 5-25% returns on their initial investment plus the original amount invested in our farms. ifarmkonnect gives you an opportunity to grow your money.

Creating Job Oppotunities

As a social empowerment program, ifarmkonnect promotes youth participation in agribusiness a leading youth employer in Kenya. Passionate young agripreneurs are able to farm without necessarily getting their hands dirty. Significantly, more youths get employment opportunities in our farms.

Promoting food and nutrition security

ifarmkonnect focuses on maximizing food production by use of effective technologies that boost yields and decrease post-harvest losses.Our aim is to achieve 100% food and nutrition security in Kenya and beyond.