Soil Testing & Correction Services



Soil is a key production factor and farmers spend a considerable part of their income on preparing it
both in considering its nutritional aspect and safety for maximum production. It is very important for
farmers therefore to have soil information accurately and in real time, so that they are able to make
informed decisions about best soil nutrition management.
Ifarmkonnect is able to recognise a new innovation that could assist smallholder farmers in accessing
soil services in real-time services for quick and elaborate decision making.

  1. Soil and plant testing for macro- and micronutrients
  2. Irrigation water quality assessment
  3. Manure analysis for total nutrient content
  4. Soil and plant analysis for heavy metals and pollutant elements
  5. Advisory on balanced fertilizer use
  6. Advisory on management of problem soils

For further details on soil management, please contact: